Sunday, December 13, 2009

wouldn't know who he was

I can see how easy it must have been for Israel to completely miss their Messiah. If it were me, I hope I'd recognize Him, but I'm really not so sure. I mean, what's this baby supposed to do? Frankly, the crying might get a little annoying.

But a baby it was. What a wonderful beginning to earthly life spent loving and serving. It's a bit easier to see that now.

If Jesus came today, many of the professed Christians I know wouldn't recognize Him. They're too busy fighting to keep nativity scenes legal and whining whenever a Wal-Mart cashier tells them "Happy Holidays." Gotta keep those pesky gays from marrying.

They need a powerful King to lead their fight. A president. A CEO. They need someone to embody their political gospel. A baby just won't do.

Sweet little Jesus Boy —
They made you be born in a manger.
Sweet little Holy Child —
Didn't know who you was.
Didn't know you'd come to save us, Lord;
To take our sins away.
Our eyes was blind, we couldn't see,
We didn't know who you was.

Long time ago, you was born,
Born in a manger low,
Sweet little Jesus Boy.
The world treat you mean, Lord,
Treat me mean too,
But that's how things is down here —
We don't know who you is.

You done told us how, we is a tryin'!
Master, you done show'd us how,
even when you was dyin'.
Just seem like we can't do right,
Look how we treated you.
But please, sir, forgive us, Lord —
We didn't know 'twas you.

Sweet little Jesus Boy, born long time ago.
Sweet little Holy Child,
And we didn't know who you was.