Wednesday, March 17, 2010

man in the mirror

I thought I'd be using my spring break to catch up on a some blogging. Unfortunately, my mind is also on spring break, so I've only been able to produce a few streams of consciousness. Here are a few and maybe, especially if one of you inspires me, I'll develop some in the near future.

  1. Christians have really screwed sex up. Really. It doesn't work to tell young people that "sex is wonderful" and then follow up that statement with years of negative reinforcement. I heard this guy on Christian radio (I'm a closet listener) who was hosting a live call-in show. He was going full-throttle until someone asked an honest and serious question about sex. The host's tone completely changed. He couldn't evens say the word. Maybe if we weren't so polite and prudish and could talk about it openly and honestly, we wouldn't see sex being screwed up by generation after generation of Christians and it would finally be something sacred. Just a thought.
  2. John Eldridge's Wild at Heart is a very strange piece of work. Talk about a stream of consciousness. It goes on for hundreds of pages and says almost nothing except that I'm a failure as a man, maybe even gay, because I like to be clean and odor-free, enjoy strawberry margaritas, watch HGTV, own a miniature poodle - a FEMALE miniature poodle, and enjoy hour-long massages at places that have mini waterfalls and soothing music and give you water from a big, clear bowl that has cucumber slices floating around in it.
  3. God's favorite sport is baseball. God's least favorite is football. One day I'll write a theology of baseball, but it's still way down the road.
  4. God's favorite time signature is 6/8. His least favorite is any where the numbers, added together, equal more than 15.
  5. Treating retail customer service employees kindly and warmly is a manifestation of grace in our lives. And not just when they're warm and kind to us. All the time. Teaching elementary school is very hard, but the customer service jobs I've worked have been the hardest. Those people need lots of grace.
  6. I am sick of people asking my wife and I when we're going to have children. It's none of their business. Next time someone brings this up, I'm going to change the subject to their last intrusive medical exam. Even worse is when someone gets on to you about how it's wrong to limit the number of offspring you produce. The audacity!
  7. News flash to my Southern Baptist friends: there is biblical support for paedobaptism. It's fine if you don't agree, but kindly stop referring to adult immersion as "Scriptural baptism."
  8. 2 Chronicles 7:14 has nothing to do with the moral condition of the United States.
There were going to be ten, but I think I'll save the last one for later.