Saturday, May 8, 2010

I turned twenty-one in prison doin' life without parole

Moms are better than dads.

That's what many evangelical churches believe. There's a church I know about that actually cancels the evening service on Mother's Day so that folks can spend time with their mothers.

But on Father's Day, they do what every one of the three God-fearing SBC churches left does: they have an evening service. It's what the Lord would have them do.

This is a problem for two reasons, I think.

First, mothers are not more important than fathers.

There. I said it.

Obviously children rely physically on their mothers in a significant way early on. But they are no less dispensable than fathers.

But I think most people, somewhere inside, believe they are.

Second, motherhood is not the highest calling of women.

There. I said that, too.

It's a high calling. It's a noble calling. But not everyone is called to it, and that doesn't make them second-class in any way.

Coming out of the homeschooling community, I know some people who turned from being driven, accomplished people to being barefoot and pregnant overnight. Not that it was wrong for them to have kids, but when that happened, they lost all drive to do anything else.

And that is not okay. That's not how we were meant to live, regardless of our plumbing.

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Kelse said...

I agree love. Dads hold the same value as moms - any mental health professional would likely agree. They have power to heal and help their kids just as moms...and the same power to hurt and discourage. They are - in every way - important.

As for highest calling...well, everyone has their own journey. As soon as we start putting rankings on it, we all lose. I personally think the entire idea of calling is overrated. From my read of the Bible, the primary 'calling' is just to love. Love God, love others and love ourselves. To me, that seems like a plenty big enough job, regardless of whether or not babies are involved.

On a side note, ever thought of that often-quoted be fruitful & multiply scripture? I haven't given this a lot of research, but I wonder if we aren't narrow minded when we approach that. Perhaps a broader understanding wouldn't indicate merely biological multiplication. Perhaps it could speak of multiplying something else...maybe love?

Ah homeschooling. That phenom concerns me too. I just hope they're making intentional decisions for their lives. It's easy to get swept into a line of thinking that gets you stuck.